Why visit Broome in the wet season?

Why visit Broome in the wet season?

When people tell you to go to Broome, they’ll usually say between May to October, when the weather’s warm and dry.

It’s a nice time to go, it’s true. But the time between November to April—wet season—is a completely different adventure.

There’s nothing quite like Broome in the wet season. Hot, humid days lead into warm, balmy nights. You get a welcome respite from the crowds. Tropical thunderstorms create spectacular natural light shows, with stormy skies giving way to brilliant sunsets.

And while some tour operators do close down during the summer months, there are still plenty of things to do in Broome during the wet season.

You don’t have to go far, either. Mangrove Hotel has you sorted. As well as being a central hub for your Broome holiday, you can escape the heat in our pool, cool off with food and drinks at the Bay Club, and sit back, relax, and get a front-row seat to watch the storms roll across Roebuck Bay.

What is Broome’s ‘wet season’?

Nestled in the northern part of Australia, Broome experiences a tropical climate. This means it has two distinct seasons—a dry season, and a wet season—with the wet season being a flow-on effect of the dry.

During the dry season, the warm weather heats the land, and the sea, creating a low pressure system over the region. Westerly winds push the warm, moist ocean air shoreward. The humidity begins to rise, quickly, and bands of large, heavy clouds form over northern Australia.

And with these heavy clouds comes the rain.

The wet season in Broome spans from November to April. It’s hot and humid; the air feels pressurised, and the humidity makes thunderstorms exceedingly common.

But it’s not constant rain. Instead, expect short, but extremely heavy, downpours—think a bucket of water, rather than a sprinkler.

The wet season has its own special charm, and there are still plenty of reasons to travel to Broome during this time.

Things to do in Broome during wet season

Take in the tropical lightning storms

Most of us find lightning storms exciting—but we usually experience them during winter, huddled up cold indoors.

During the wet season, Broome experiences tropical lightning storms that are something else entirely. The hot, humid conditions mean there’s plenty of moisture in the atmosphere. Warm air from the earth rises higher than usual, meaning taller cloud formations, with more room to build up the electrical charge that causes lighting.

As the pressure rises, the particles within the clouds begin to charge, and the high levels of moisture essentially mean more fuel for the storm.

So when a thunderstorm occurs, it’s big. Lighting stretches all across the sky, eclipsing any fireworks display.

A great place to catch them is from Town Beach, or the balcony of our very own Bay Club.

See the stunning sunsets

Much like the lightning storms, wet season in Broome delivers some amazing sunsets.

Thanks to the build-up of humidity, the storm clouds in the sky create a canvas for the oranges, pinks, and purples of the setting sun.

They’re bursting with colour, and a photographer’s dream, particularly when captured against the rocky beaches surrounding the peninsula.

Take a dip at Coconut Well

Tucked away just north of Broome, Coconut Well is a secluded series of rocky indents in the earth. They spend most of their year sandy and dry.

That is, of course, until the wet season. During the wet season, the ocean tide around Broome rises to nine metres, and when it does it comes roaring in over the sand dunes, filling the rocky basin.

Coconut Well is transformed from rocks and sand into a tropical turquoise lagoon. The warm water generally sits around waist height, making it perfect for floating, relaxing, and splashing around lazily.

It’s a unique experience, particularly if you’re there at the point when the tide comes in, when you can experience the inundation in real-time.

Explore Broome without the crowds

While Broome tends to slow down between November and April, it just means that you can explore the town without the crows.

Head to the Broome Historical Museum, to get some respite from the rain, while learning about the town’s pearling history.

Or unwind at our very own Bay Club. Designed for long, lazy afternoons, it’s ideal for wet season. Up on the balcony overlooking Roebuck Bay, enjoy a selection of carefully curated cocktails, paired with top quality food. Watch the sunset over the horizon as the warm breeze comes in off the water: it’s the perfect antidote to a humid Broome day.

Wet season is also the perfect time to get out and about. Many tour operators take advantage of the wet, and can show you a different side of the Kimberley. 4WD tours take you through lush green bushland and past fast-flowing waterfalls. Or book a charter cruise out on the ocean. It’s a popular option for avid anglers, as it’s peak barramundi season.

Relax at our Broome accommodation

While some accommodation might close down during the wet season, we don’t. The Mangrove Hotel is open all year long.

Along with high-quality, comfortable and relaxing rooms—with crisp air conditioning and mini-fridges to ensure you can beat the heat—we’ve also got two pools available. Which is perfect, as the wet season shuts down Broome’s beaches with an influx of the small-but-deadly Irukandji jellyfish.

Find the best Broome accommodation during wet season

Visiting Broome in the wet season is an adventure that’s outside of the ordinary. Despite the heat, you’re in for a holiday with a difference: lush, tropical greenery; fewer tourists; exceptional sunsets and awe-inspiring lightning displays.

So for your next Broome holiday, book a room at the Mangrove Hotel. We can help you experience the best of Broome, no matter the season.